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Coronavirus vaccine trials are galloping towards the finish line



The time of vaccine development varies. It could take a year, even up to a decade, before it gets its validity for public use.

On March 16, 2020, when they launched the first human clinical trial for the COVID-19 vaccine—this was two weeks after experts tried figuring out the virus’s genetic code—Moderna was in every news outlet because of this significant milestone. Everyone is hopeful that the pandemic will soon be under control. Fast forward to today, there are already four COVID vaccines that entered the final-stage trial in the U.S. vaccine development. The time of vaccine development varies. It could take a year, even up to a decade, before it gets its validity for public use.  

Everyone’s in A Hurry

UCLA Viral Immunologist Otto Yang commented that there hasn’t been as crazy fast as this when it comes to vaccine trials. In the race are Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson. There are severe repercussions if vaccine trials are rushed, which could cause health issues to people. But with the devastating effect of COVID-19 and the disruption it caused in everyone’s lives, a vaccine is what the people are hoping for the soonest possible time.

Health officials are expecting at least one safe vaccine from those four sometime December this year. 

Participants in the Vaccine Trial

With the trials still ongoing, development and results are shared and reported from time to time. In an interview with a news outlet regarding the experiences of participants, five of them, which are in phase three of the trial, reported that while there are discomforts on their end because of the vaccine, it is still worth it because of the protection from the virus’ serious harm. 

According to the participants, the symptoms were intense but passed after a day and sometimes shorter. We can only hope that it will get better from here but coming from the participant. We should expect that there will be rough edges as this moves forward. Our hearts go to the brave participants for their contribution to this research.

Who Will Get The Completed Vaccine First?

Here comes the question should we become successful in completing a vaccine ready to be distributed in public. Who gets the vaccine first? 

There are various angles as much as there are multiple lenses on how to look at this. Political is just one. Manufacturing, distribution, and costs are among other variables that would determine the accessibility to the vaccine. But the World Health Organization is working on a task force called Covax, which aims to level the playing field by pooling resources to guarantee that lower-income countries can receive the vaccine.

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