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How bad exactly is Trump’s COVID-19 infection? his treatment reveals a lot.



Will Remdesivir treatment help Trump's condition to be better?

President Donald Trump, who has recently been diagnosed with COVID-19, is treated with remdesivir, an antiviral drug made by Gilead Sciences. This Treatment is in addition to Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s experimental neutralizing antibody cocktail. How many treatments does Trump need?

What is Remdesivir? 

Remdesivir, which was authorized for emergency use in May by the Food and Drug Administration, is an antiviral therapy that so far has been proven to reduce recovery times in COVID-19 patients who have been hospitalized with severe cases. Additionally, the President is also being treated with Regeneron’s REGN-COV2, an antibody-based treatment still under clinical trials and has not received authorization from the FDA yet. REGN-COV2 has been shown to reduce viral load in the body and the duration of symptoms. Patients are given a placebo generally took 13 days until symptoms reduced, while those given Regeneron’s experimental antibody saw results twice faster. 

While Remdesivir isn’t a perfect antiviral medication, it works well enough to slow down the virus and help the body’s immune system for a better chance at eliminating the virus. For those who need hospitalization, a 5- to 10-day regimen of remdesivir has been shown to improve results and significantly reduce hospital stay length. 

 Trump’s medications give clues to the state of his condition. 

On Friday, Trump tweeted that he and the First Lady had tested positive for the coronavirus, which resulted in the uncertainty of his Presidential Campaign and the whole US elections. 

According to Trump’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, the President is also taking zinc, vitamin D, an acid reducer, melatonin, and aspirin. He also noted that Trump is on a five-day regimen of remdesivir and does not currently require supplemental oxygen. 

During a news conference on Saturday, Dr. Conley announced that Trump was diagnosed 72 hours ago, about 36 hours before he disclosed his diagnosis, and that he had received REGN-COV2 48 hours ago. 

Trump’s diagnosis proved that the lack of available treatment options available for COVID-19 patients is still the primary challenge that needs to be solved with urgency during the pandemic. Today, most experimental treatments are only given to people with severe forms of the disease, while there is still no approved or authorized drug for patients with mild to moderate symptoms.  

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