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15-Year-Old Girl’s viral TikTok videos lambasting Trump’s administration



Claudia Conway's TiktTok Story

It seems that U.S. President Donald Trump’s fight against TikTok is not about the potential security threat it poses being tied to China; instead, its users who are posting videos critical to his current leadership. 15-year old Claudia Conway is gaining tons of traction in the favorite short-form video app after her criticisms about Trump.

 She is not entirely an unknown personality to the Whitehouse as she is the daughter of Kellyanne Conway, previous counselor to the president. The dynamic between Claudia being a vocal critic on her own of Trump’s administration and her mother being previously acquainted with Trump has played a part in this clutter presenting itself as a PR nightmare for Trump’s camp.

COVID-19 Cases Around Trump’s Circle

Her announcement saying that she contracted the virus made it to the news again, with her mother revealing her diagnosis. Her mother attended several assemblies wherein wearing of masks were not observed. Kellyanne participated at the Rose Garden event for Amy Coney Barrett on September 26 and the presidential debate last October 2. Both occasions have been reported to have attendees contracting the virus.

Conway’s diagnosis added to the White House’s worsening reputation after Trump fell victim to the virus and several people within the administration. With reports from the president’s allies shaping their every communication to show that everything is under control, Claudia’s videos on her platform tell otherwise.

TikTok Is Where Politicians Should Be

Associate Professor Vincent Reynauld mentioned that politicians should have an eye watching over what’s being discussed on the social media platform because a lot of it is about politics. This uncharted territory for politicians could either make or break their messaging campaigns, as it can be easily put into another pretense that could work against them.

 A Critic of The President

Claudia has been circulating Tweeter and TikTok for her criticisms against Trump. She has been using the platform for years, posting content related to various movements and trends in the U.S., including the Black Lives Matter campaign up to satirical tirades such as the #savebarron movement, which pulled a massive 200 million generated views on TikTok.

The attention she has been receiving impelled her parents to interfere with the girl’s social media accounts, causing friction within the family. She was told to delete her social media accounts but respectfully talked it out with her mother. With her presence still growing and agenda not veering away from Trump, it could be a tiny bother when not controlled, turn into a disaster for the president’s PR administration.

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