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BlackLivesMatter protests goes on after the death of another black man



Following the shooting of a Black man in Texas by a police officer, while reportedly trying to help a woman out of a domestic violence situation, protesters met at Director Park in downtown Portland and marched to the Justice Center. The protesters’ march in the name of Jonathan Price, who was tased and shot to death by an officer named Shaun Price, went through downtown, stopping at protest sites such as the Justice Center, new courthouse, and the Waterfront.

Organizers in Portland encouraged people to bring candles to Director Park, where the demonstration started. As many as 100 people assembled in the park for the march, and the numbers eventually grew.

Shaun David Lucas, the Wolfe City police officer allegedly involved in the shooting of Jonathan Price that led to the black man’s death, was arrested and charged with murder. “The preliminary investigation indicates that the actions of Officer Lucas were not objectionably reasonable,” as stated by the texas department of public safety. Lucas’ bond was set at $1m. No comment yet from the arrested police officer yet as it is still unknown if he already has a lawyer representing him.

People close to Price described him as a figure well-known in the closely-knit community. The town has about 1,500 residents about 70 miles north-east of Dallas. He was, according to them, a “hometown hero,” “standup guy,” and “mentor who worked with children,” and said they couldn’t see any reason why a police officer would shoot and kill him.

More protests outside Portland

Protests have been consistently happening in Portland since the killing of George Floyd. Since Floyd’s death, demonstrators have taken to Portland’s streets for issues such as police brutality, racial inequity, the killing of people of color by police, the abolishment of police and prisons, and the defunding of authority.

Outside Portland, another protest was demonstrated in Manhattan that led to to the arrest of at least 20 people. 

They were arrested and face charges of disorderly conduct, obstruction of governmental administration, and assault, authorities said.

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