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Turning your work-from-home spaces to green spaces has its advantages, says experts



The Benefits Of Turning Your Home-Work-Setup to Green Spaces

The pandemic isn’t going anywhere far yet. Since everyone has been put in lockdown for almost half a year, transforming parts of our house into workspace has been the object of interest for many workers worldwide. The famous modification that has been circulating is the installation of plants in workspaces.

Plant expert Oliver Heath said: that the simple act of putting plants inside your home has been deemed effective when it comes to increasing productivity.

The Plantfluencer’s Growing Branch

Because of the thriving drive brought upon by specific influencers in Instagram dubbed as plantfluencers, sales related to housing plants even pre-COVID has doubled from 2017 – 2019, as found out by the National Gardening Association.

This event leads to the eventual bringing of workspaces’ biophilic design from the office to an individual’s home.

Now that everyone is locked inside their home most of the time and with work migrating from the physical offices to home offices, people are now in control of how they would want their workspaces to look like. Plants are always an option, and everyone is showing it around in their social media accounts.

The Science Behind

The study entitled The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace stated in their critical findings from their respondents, a total of 67% reported that they have a positive feeling whenever they walk into an office environment which is generally bright with its environment being accentuated with green, yellow or blue colors. This could explain the gravitation towards installing house plants in-home workspaces as observed, especially during the pandemic.

A Variety of Choices

Oliver Heath also shared a list of “plant recommendations,” which people can put around their spaces. Air plants proved to be the right choice because they don’t need that much attention. Just a splash of water from time to time, and it is healthy as it can be.

Chinese money plants are an excellent choice too. Besides its simplicity, its reputation as a bringer of good fortune is renowned. Succulents are famous for being the right decorations on top of your desks because of their size. Like air plants, they do not require that much maintenance as well. Oxalis plants break the monotony of green with purple leaves open during the day, closed by night.

These are just some of the many plants you can choose from, given the variety of this kingdom. Ensuring that you keep your sanity during this time, plants are sure to be one best way to throw your attention to once it gets exhausted from all the work on top of the pandemic.

Jinel Franco is a Multi-Media Artist and a Content Marketing Strategist. For the past 3 years, she has helped several companies and individuals bring out the best of their brand with quality content and media.

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