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Derek Chauvin, who was charged with the murder of George Floyd, walks free



Derek Chauvin is now out of custody.

The former police from Minneapolis, who was charged with murder for the death of George Floyd, posted a bond worth 1 million dollars and are now out of custody. It was June this year when the judge handling the case of George Floyd set a bail amounting to $1.25 million with no preconditions or $1 million with conditions that contain an agreement that Chauvin will not communicate to any of Floyd’s family members.

He was also asked to surrender all his firearms and not participate in law enforcement or security until his trial.

People are outraged by this news, and another demonstration can rise. As a measure, Tim Walz, the Governor of Minnesota, already activated its National Guard. They have announced and confirmed this in their Twitter account as they posted an update with their photos.  

Floyd’s Family is in Pain

Once again, George Floyd’s family is reminded of the unfortunate event that happened to them. Floyd’s family’s attorney remarked this event as a reminder of how painful death is to the justice system. Chauvin, charged with murder and manslaughter, was recorded in a video pressing his knee against George Floyd’s neck. The latter said he could not breathe as the policeman continues to choke Floyd until his last breath. One cannot merely erase that kind of image in their memory. And with Chauvin posting a bond to walk free even for the time being is nothing but a searing sensation to the heart of Floyd’s loved ones.

While Chauvin gets a hold of how the system works, it was a different story for Floyd. There was no due process for him. Over a $20-dollar bill, everything happened so fast. He wasn’t charged; he wasn’t arrested. He died even before there was a hearing to be heard. He couldn’t bail for his life.

The Other Three

Other police officers that are involved in the case are free as well after posting bond. Thomas Lane was the first to go out who posted $750,000 in bonds. J. Alexander Kueng followed after posting the same amount of bond. Lastly, Tou Thao bailed this July with the same bond amount. Now with all four of them out of jail, there is nothing more haunting to Floyd’s family than the idea that Floyd will never enjoy the feeling of being free again.

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