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Free COVID-19 vaccine: Top countries to provide assistance



Who wants a Free Vaccine?

With the development of the vaccine for COVID-19 going at an unprecedented speed and an unparalleled pace, countries are preparing their strategies and protocols to distribute the remedy once made available for public use. Prime Minister of Canada, Justine Trudeau, just announced that their country would provide free COVID-19 vaccines to its constituents once available as approved by Health Canada. When asked during a meeting in the lower chamber by the New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh, the prime minister made the statement. 

According to Singh, there are growing concerns among Canadians regarding the vaccine if they will be able to get it for free or not. As to who will receive the vaccines first, experts will serve as counsels to the government in deciding.

Not the First

Despite the hurdles of politics, the United States already has an elaborate plan to provide free vaccines. The federal health agencies and the Defense Department has already set a system regarding the distribution. It will begin January or if the development permits, later this year, in a gradual manner until it becomes available for everyone who wants a shot. 

But will they get the vaccine?

According to a recent report, only 51% or half of Americans would get a vaccine once made available. A chunk of the remaining respondents wouldn’t get the vaccine, and only 4% had no opinion. Medical experts are afraid that if this trend continues until such time, the U.S. will lag in attaining herd immunity. A variety of reasons influences the hesitation that has been clouding the mind of the people. Still, one cannot deny that the mix-up of science and politics is one significant factor to consider. 

Japanese Government to Shoulder Vaccine Cost

A similar move to Canada and the U.S., the Japanese government will also offer free vaccinations to all citizens. It will be reported in a meeting next week as presided by its health ministry panel. While the U.S. and Britain are on top of vaccine development things, Japan already made and signed their agreements with top manufacturers from these countries, namely Pfizer and AstraZeneca PLC. 

Almost everyone is suffering financially because of the economic meltdown brought about by the pandemic. One can never assure that it would be affordable once the vaccine is available and anyone can get it.

Indeed, it would be a test to humanity, whether this falls under commodity and not as an effort to help us rebuild our lives. 

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