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TikTok dethrones instagram among U.S. teens



US Teens preferred TikTok over Instagram

Chinese-owned app TikTok becomes the second favorite app amongst U.S. teenagers, according to a report. The short-video charm of TikTok underscored Instagram but Snap’s Snapchat remains at the top spot. The report revealed that 34% of teens identified Snapchat as their favorite social media app, followed by TikTok, which was favored by 29% of the respondents. Facebook’s Instagram is on the tail at 25%. Last spring, TikTok was in the third spot, according to the Piper Sandler report. 

 In terms of usage, however, it still Instagram that has the most engagement. Snapchat came next, and TikTok, this time, is on the tail end. However, there was an increase in the usage with TikTok as it rose to 69% from 62% last spring. 

 Bringing the Competition

Facebook tried to put down the fire when they released Reels on Instagram, their version of the short-video app. Reels allow users to record, edit the videos, and have audios and music backgrounds similar to TikTok, which people can use as templates or themes for their creations. But the motive was more than ramping up the competition. It was strategic and political as TikTok is facing a not so bright future because of the apparent order of President Donald Trump to ban the app as it poses a threat to their national security thru data mining. The Chinese government denied the allegation, so as the company behind the app, ByteDance. 

However, the Chinese company is looking at selling its U.S. operations to an American company to save what could be left should the banning continues. 

 Will it Stay for Long?

Just recently, a federal judge partly granted TikTok’s request for a provisional injunction as it faces the push from Trump’s government to ban the app in the U.S. The TikTok ban didn’t push through as the ruling stopped a government order to prohibit people from downloading the app hours before it took effect. It was a clear victory for TikTok as they believe that the call is unconstitutional and is a mere powerplay. A lawyer representing The Chinese App commented that this incident would have too much given TikTok the present time to demand a free platform for everyone to communicate, specifically America. The presidential election is also near, and it could have been a factor as well. 

Trump extended the hearing and gave it until November 12 before they finally resolve the national security concerns the app is allegedly posing. 

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