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Kim Jong Un flexed his new toys – despite North Korea’s severe economic crisis



Kim Jong Un showcased North Korea's upgraded arsenal

Despite being deterred by the international community, Kim Jong Un has paraded North Korea’s most massive ever intercontinental ballistic missiles, featuring his tenacity to continue building and develop nuclear weapons. 

The highly choreographed military occasion in Pyongyang celebrated the 75th anniversary of the ruling Workers’ Party. As what the Supreme Leader had promised in 2019, North Korea’s strategic expansion to its weaponry that experts believed will be used as leverage for nuclear negotiations in the future. 

North Korea’s upgraded arsenal and its possible threat 

While requiring a more detailed examination to be confirmed, a nuclear weapons expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace said that the weapon was “the largest road-mobile liquid-propellant ICBM anywhere, certainly.” “North Korea, despite all attempts to stymie its progress, continues to make significant advancements in its conventional and nuclear forces,” Ankit Panda said. Adding this development was dangerous for the Nations, which are long considered hostile by Kim Jong Un, such as the USA and its allies. 

Kim Jong Un stated that the new weapons would only be used for self-defense against hostile forces. “But should anyone undermine our national security and mobilize military power against us, I will retaliate by using the most powerful offensive force at our disposal and in a pre-emptive manner,” Mr. Kim said, as translated by South Korea’s Yonhap news agency. 

The event showcased marching troops and military arsenal, including what seems to be an enhanced and enlarged version of the Hwasong-15, an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) thought to be capable of striking the U.S.   

Expert doubts it’s legit, though 

However, a researcher at the Korea Institute for Defense Analyses, a government-funded, Seoul-based research institute, stated that North Korea sometimes showcase dummies of weapons that are not fully functional. The researcher, Lee Ho-ryung, adds that parading replicas or mock-ups are a safe way to send a message to the other countries. “They’re not as likely to conduct a test launch that would provoke countries such as the U.S.,” she says, “because they want to leave room for diplomacy.” 

During the leader’s speech at the event, Kim Jong Un appeared emotional as he spoke of North Koreans’ severe economic condition this year. In August, Kim once acknowledged in a meeting of the Workers Party Central Committee that his five-year financial plans remain unaccomplished. 

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