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The City of Love on Lock: Paris on maximum alert level



COVID-19: Paris on Maximum Alert

It isn’t “love locks” that we are locking on this one as the Paris government raised the maximum COVID-19 alert because of the alarming increase in their cases and as its hospitals reached the critical level of its intensive care unit bed capacity for COVID-19 related cases.

The French health minister Olivier Véran claimed that the greater Paris region that houses around seven million people met all their government’s measures to place the area under maximum security. Accordingly, Paris’ rate of infection grew to 259.6 per 10,000 people, and their threshold, as pointed by the government, is at 250.

With Bars Shutting Down, It’s Going to Be Tough

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said in an interview with the French TV channel LCI and Europe 1 that it would be difficult for the French people to drink, eat outside, and socialize with others. While bars may be closing, restaurants will remain open but with restrictions tighter than before. Darmanin added that while this could prove to be a challenge for the French people, it is at the same time what their constituents want.

Everyone is responsible for making sure that they are doing their part to prevent the virus’s spread. Whether it means being not able to have your scheduled drinking session with friends, if other countries can do it, the French people will be able to do so as well.

A Fine Balance

Paris Police captain Didier Lallement during a press conference, claimed that the new measures and guidelines to be put in place is based upon his decision to strike a balance between the preservation and maintenance of the health of their countrymen without sacrificing further the continuity of their economy and the social life of the people as well.

The restrictions are mostly centered on public gathering avoidance. Events and gathering that garners a significant number of people are either ban or restricted. Parties in public spaces both are not encouraged. Shopping centers and commercial areas are to limit the number of customers that can enter strictly. Those are just among the measures that Paris will put in place come Tuesday, October 6.

Not Another Nationwide Lockdown

France started imposing a nationwide lockdown on March 17 just as the Coronavirus began devastating places worldwide. With them having the seventh-highest death toll in the world, that was the best thing to do to curb the virus’s spread. This time, the government won’t impose another nationwide lockdown. Still, it will be stricter in implementing measures, especially in places where there are many cases.

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