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Simmering hopes for US stock market after the pandemic scare



US Stock Market
New optimism in the US stock market. Photo by: David Vives |

In the past week, the US stock market showed an arena of optimism as the S&P 500 index rose by 0.4%, followed by Nasdaq getting a 0.4% high. The stock market’s losses vanished off with financial spending stimulus being the center of attention for investors.

Another reason that could be cited for such triumph is the expected result of the upcoming presidential election. Joe Biden’s presidency is promising for a Green recovery. This further escalated solar stocks’ prices.

Investor sentiments for various sectors

  • Pandemic saw pent-up demand for cybersecurity and IoT as remote work arrangements usher up. IT companies and tech stocks in the US now appear to be more attractive than the past’s low yields.
  • Pharmaceutical companies worldwide working tirelessly for a panacea vaccine have also grabbed the eyeballs. Investors are coming up with high investments and responses in the past couple of months.
  • Further, as omnipresent e-commerce websites replace brick and mortar markets, this made Amazon, Flipkart, and other platforms to make a mark on the US map of stocks.
  • Learning and education platform observing a paradigm shift has helped Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams to hit a new high with positive investor sentiments.
  • After arousing the importance of web presence, social media and OTT platforms are also garnering huge gains in the capital market.

The stock market shift soon

With dynamics changing with the blink of an eye, a range of outcomes is largely going to observe metamorphic changes. Be it the news of Trump’s recovery or stimulus package aid; expected benefits are likely to give an impetus to S&P’s recovery from a grim pandemic period.

Another ray of optimism is the US government bonds moving towards whopping prices, becoming an investor’s target.

In due course, US economic data predicts a potent recovery with global equities changing the battered economy’s overall outlook.

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