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Star market to record world’s largest IPO in chronicles of history 



Ant group mobile payment
Ant Group mobile payment business, Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Ant group, an associate of Alibaba, runs a payment app Alipay is now venturing into wealth management. With its new-age QR code technology, Alipay currently holds a whopping number of about 900+ million users.

One of the analysts quoted that, “Ant group’s valuation could top some of Wall Street’s biggest banks.”

Jack Ma, Alibaba’s founder, came to talk in great esteem of the twin IPO listing of Ant group shares. He regarded the IPO to “be the largest in human history.”

The post-pandemic era has hailed to support technology and innovation in systems enthusiastically. 

World reactions to the mega IPO offer

The investors are applauding the IPO listing by strategically targeting it through mutual funds. However, the post-pandemic boycott of China is becoming a hurdle in participation from investors across the globe. Specifically, the US-China trade war is limiting investments from US investors.

While some countries are adding China to the trade blacklist, others are overwhelmingly supporting Ant Group’s IPO offer. An investor called it “The Amazon of Financial Services.” 

Number game and future ahead

The pricing of the IPO offer at Hong Kong and Shanghai’s Star market remains under wraps but is expected to aim for a $30+ billion valuation. This listing alone holds the potential to stand shoulder to shoulder with Nasdaq in the US.

This would also scrap off the old record of Saudi Aramco’s $29.4 billion money raised last year.

Ant Group plans heavily support the gleaming future of lending in the banking system. It believes in setting up a lending system sans collateral for small businesses.

Besides this, it is also planning to venture into the insurance market and household loans. While the Fin-Tech industry gives an impression of a boom, the financial payment wallet business is soon ideal for Ant Group.

While extensively discussing the plans, the executive chairman of Ant Group claimed: “technology services would become the company’s main business in the future.”

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