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Trump’s campaign site defaced by hackers



A fake FBI notice appeared on the "about" page of the Trump campaign site.

President Trump’s campaign site has fallen prey to hackers last Tuesday, October 27. It lasted only 30 minutes before the site was fully restored. 

During the takeover, a fake FBI notice appeared on the “about” page. The hackers, whose identities are not yet identified, claimed that they had gained access to Mr. Trump’s and his relatives’ devices containing classified information. They accused Trump’s government of involvement in the origins of the coronavirus, as well as cooperation with “foreign actors manipulating the 2020 elections.”

The takeover also appeared to be a wise attempt to generate revenue. The hackers encouraged visitors to decide on the information release by sending money. They posted 2 Monero cryptocurrency wallet IDs, labeled “Yes, share the data” and “No, do not share the data.” 

Monero is popular with those who want to hide their identities because it’s difficult to trace. 

The hackers also left a Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Public Key on the page that corresponded to an e-mail address at, a site that doesn’t exist. Should the hackers decide to release the information, they could prove that they are the same people behind the site takeover by signing released reports with their private key.

Meanwhile, Trump campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh confirmed in a statement that the site was “defaced,” but no data was stolen.

“Earlier this evening, the Trump campaign website was defaced, and we are working with law enforcement authorities to investigate the source of the attack. There was no exposure to sensitive data because none of it is stored on the site. The website has been restored,” Murtaugh said via Twitter.

This incident is not the only occurrence that a candidate in this year’s election got hacked. In July, Joe Biden’s Twitter account got hacked, along with other high-profile accounts.

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