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Supply and Cold chain industry to enjoin for a massive vaccine spread-out



Cold chain industry to join for massive vaccine roll out
Cold chain industry to join for massive vaccine roll out. Photo by Ruchindra Gunasekara | Unsplash

In a bid to beat the pandemic, the world cold chain industry is gearing to store the COVID-19 vaccine and its facile delivery to people. The vaccine administration to the population would even bring back the working people to the office back again.

The main agenda would be to preserve the vaccine’s effectiveness through the logistics chain at the right temperature. The CEO of Snowman Logistics, Sunil Nair, said: “Maintaining the required temperature all along the logistics chain is key to the potency of the vaccine.”

This would include primary transportation from manufacturing sites to cold stores and further storage at the desired temperatures. The final step would include distributing vaccines at controlled temperatures in parcels of various sizes in towns and cities.

Several projects and collaborations coming up

Industry experts mention that pharma companies, airlines, and supply chain leaders should collaborate to share the industry’s knowledge and practices. A recent example of this is the CCA, which works in partnering with IATA to gain benefits from each other’s experiences.

Besides the cold chain sector, the air-space industry also plans to prepare airports to distribute vaccines. The cold chain association (CCA) secretary Nicola Caristo said: “The challenge is to get airports directly, and that will be a big effort.”

The initiatives announced include transportation of vaccines and life-science projects.

Another in the line is Emirates, which plans to reopen its SkyCentral DWC cargo facility in Dubai for a pivotal hub for vaccine storage and distribution. It has a vast expanse of area equal to 4,000 square meters—such an area would help store and disburse the vaccine among the masses successfully.

Another project named Sunrays is being developed by the partnership between Pharma Aero and Tiaca.
This deal’s prospects would help in the storage of voluminous production of vaccines and their proper handling.

After the vaccine’s approval, it would initiate global production, storage, and distribution in regular batches.

Talking of newer technologies, Snowman Logistics plans to install small plugin freezers at the health centers and its vehicles. The CEO of Snowman Logistics said: “We have earmarked transport capacity for distribution through a dedicated fleet of trucks.”

Their logistics business would cater to both domestic and international demand of 7.8 billion, a hard nut to crack. They are also building on the technology of 24*7 trackability of the vehicles in transit or warehouse. Also, to maintain the right temperatures, they will use +2 and +8 degrees centigrade, trucks, and warehouses.

In essence, the pharmaceutical industry will be the primary growth driver for the market Supply and Cold chain industry.

According to Markets and Markets report data, the cold chain industry’s size is estimated at USD 233.8 billion in 2020 and would increase to USD 340.3 billion by 2025. The CAGR of it would equate to reach a projection of 7.8%.

Out of all the segments, warehousing will be the most extensive service segment with global growth and demand for COVID-19 vaccines.

For this, some top players in the organized cold chain leaders like Codex, Snowman Logistics, and Western Refrigeration are counting on pharma companies like Novozymes, Inventia, and Zydus.

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