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The Android market of Google gets cross-examined over its billing system



Google play store cross-examined over its billing system
Google play store cross-examined over its billing system, Photo by Matthew Kwong on Unsplash

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has recently ordered an interrogation over the payment mode of the digital distribution service of Google Play. An investigation was started in response to the complaint filed by an unnamed source.

The allegations made illustrated that Google’s payment system has abused its dominance in the payment market. Presently, Google has exclusive use of GPay for buying apps and in-app purchases (IAPs) via Play Store.

Google Play Store has been the market leader in digital media stores since its release in 2008. It is the official pre-installed app store for Android certified devices.

Lately, its payment mode was heavily criticized and received complaints concerning its control policies.
The primary complaint says that through its excessive control over the Play Store and Android operating system (OS), Google favors its own Pay system as compared to competitors.

Another major concern is Google’s high commission fee on product or service sold digitally by the app listers.

Google billing (payment) system includes a 30% commission payable by the app lister, which increases the cost of the user. Furthermore, Google has put a compulsion on the app listers to only use the store’s payment system for offering to purchase to the customers.

It also mandates setting Google Pay as the default under the payment settings option and encourages pre-installation. Apart from all these key complaints, Google also manipulates the apps’ search results in favor of using Google pay.

CCI mentioned in a statement: “Based on the information available on the record, we are prima facie convinced that a case is made out against Google for directing an investigation by the DG.”

The investigation is currently underway and will generate a report in the next 60 days.

Counter-strike by Google

After facing numerous allegations, Google issued a mail to CCI explaining its innocence in this case.

The email read: “We are confident that the CCI will find that GPay operates in an extremely competitive environment and owes its success to its ability to offer simple and secure payments experience.”

Google also stated that other distribution channels are also available on the Android platform, and GPay exercises no dominance. It firmly said that Play’s billing system is a fundamental way of making developers successful and ensuring user experience.

Besides CCI, Google is also under the claws of an anti-trust case in the US for its power abuse in the search advertising market. While Google stands at its stance to offer a seamless experience, authorities worldwide are flagging concerns against its mandatory payment system.

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