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Ariana Grande revives iconic makeup from the ’60s in new Tiktok trend



Ariana Grande, in her newest album, Positions, is bringing back the iconic eye makeup from the ’60s—the dramatic cut crease—in a new trend on the video-sharing platform, TikTok.

After inspiring a trend for the high pony, Grande’s return to the music scene prompts yet another change, this time in the makeup industry.

Ariana Grande’s Positions

For Grande’s sixth studio album, Positions, she sports a vintage sartorial image in both the music video and promotional images and campaigns. From the bouffant to the dark, voluminous lashes and the striking cut crease, Grande’s look is reminiscent of the fashion from 1960.



As the album Positions rises in popularity, TikTokers and makeup artists respond to Grande’s counterculture fashion.

TikTokers bring out their black liquid eyeliners and eyeshadow palettes to join in. Makeup artists create and share Grande-inspired make-up tutorial videos. Tiktok users also share their best practices when creating “the look.” Numerous how-to videos featuring close-up clips of creating the defined cut crease appeared. Some videos even include tips for creating the curled ponytail.

Modern ’60s makeup trend

The rising trend also sees people create variety to the look. Some add their own touch of color to the crease. Others try to complement their own eye shape. A few lean into personalized versions—nude lip liner, glitter eyeshadow, and strip lashes. And some switch from soft neutral to nude colors for the dramatically-angled winged cat-eye.

The versatile styles of these eye makeup are not only reminiscent of the ’60s makeup. It also gives the nostalgic feeling for the decade of all things mod, including the voluminous hair and chart-topping rock-and-roll. Though it can’t be considered a new beauty signature, it does not appear all too different from Ariana Grande’s signature look.

Unsurprisingly, due to the sheer number of TikTok creatives following Grande’s trend, the ’60s makeup is now having a moment in pop culture. Given its current vibe, one can’t help but ask: Could it be a comeback for the ’60s fashion routines?

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