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Australia to scale down iconic New Year’s Eve celebration to welcome 2021




The show will go on: Australia’s iconic New Year fireworks show over at Sydney Harbour will not be scrapped as the country welcomes the year 2021, says Gladys Berejiklian, premier of the state of New South Wales (NSW), the country’s most populous state, on Monday, November 9.

Instead, they are scaling down the event and limiting the visitors. This should address the fear of starting a second wave of infections from COVID-19.

Although the country now sees a single-digit rise in COVID-19 cases, Berejiklian said that they would only allow designated areas for viewing of the iconic fireworks display for New Year’s Eve. It will also limit access to public space and the number of people at the popular viewing spots that normally drew thousands. Those without reservations can’t enter the city, she shared.


The prime harborside spots are popular sites for viewing the fireworks display. For this year, they reserved these areas for the frontliners: the firefighters and the health workers who have been working with COVID-19 patients. This is the government’s way of expressing gratitude for their service.

The announcement also said that the display would be much shorter this year. On top of that, they also scrapped the nine o’clock fireworks.

“It will just be a couple of minutes at midnight, but I think it’s important to mark that celebration,” says Berejiklian.

NSW Tourism Minister Stuart Ayres also agreed, saying: “I think everyone’s just had a pretty sh***y 2020 and having a fantastic celebration of starting a new year is probably going to put a smile on people’s faces.”

Restrictions at the Sydney Harbour on New Year’s Eve

As of press time, the Australian government is yet to release the final details of the changes to Sydney’s iconic celebration. But one thing is clear: the CBD (central business district) will be cordoned off for the event.

The authorities already asked everyone to stay off the CBD. This is except for those who have tickets to any designated areas or reservations at a restaurant or a café in the area.

Australia is particularly restrictive of public gathering to avoid a second wave after recording over 27,600 infections and 907 deaths from the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease.

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