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Mobisoft released transportation app for people with COVID-19.



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Houston-based healthcare and software development company Mobisoft created an app for the transportation of individuals with COVID-19. The app, called NEMT Pulse, aims to help institutions facilitate safe, isolated transportation of these individuals to the designated quarantine location.

“We pivoted our NEMT software that could be implemented to meet the needs of those affected by COVID-19 safely,” said Shail Sinhasane, CEO of Mobisoft, in a press release. “This app provides a solution to ensure individuals who have tested positive can get to their quarantine location with one less thing to worry about.”

The app is among Mobisoft’s solutions to provide help in today’s pandemic. Last May, the company also launched an e-pass solution to regulate and control vehicle movement during COVID-19.

How it works

The program provides interfaces for the patient, the driver, and the providers. Both patients and drivers get access through an app. Patients can choose the type of ride, identify the timing, and check the driver’s location as they wait for the arrival.

Providers can manage patient and driver profiles and ride scheduling for patients through the web admin portal. The software is capable of contactless face detection feature and includes an SOS button, among others.

Partnership with a major university and service providers

The company is tied up with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for the implementation of the NEMT Pulse program. The university is averaging approximately 10,000 to 11,000 tests per day through saliva-based testing, making the program vital for scheduling transportation for students moving to and from isolation and quarantine spaces in residence halls.

Other than educational institutions, Mobisoft also touted NEMT Pulse’s capability to cater to service providers. The company partnered with Community Health Group (CHG), a community health center in California. The health center integrated NEMT Pulse for ride scheduling and trip assignments.

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