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Netflix Horror ‘His House’ Movie Review



Matt Smith

Netflix has released a new horror film, His House, and it is guaranteed to provide you some chills.

A couple escaped civil war and genocide in South Sudan, They relocated to the United Kingdom to start over, but they find that their new home in an old English town could have evil lurking below it.

His House is a chilling horror/thriller, and a lot of the visuals really did give me chills and goosebumps as I was watching it. This may not be a typical horror movie because there are different levels of what was going on.

There was the whole plot about a possible evil within the house that is causing terror to the people living in it, but then there is also the backstory of the couple played by Wunmi Mosaku and Sope Dirisu. The oppression, the fear, and everything they had to deal with moved forward to escape their homeland.

I think what makes this movie work in the horror genre is the possible supernatural elements and everything that the couple has to go through or have to check off on their list of things to do to maintain their refugee status.

The couple was given a small stipend, they have to meet with their caseworker Mark (played by Matt Smith) every week, they must not get jobs or seek employment of any kind, and then they were placed in a house that is not of their choosing. Once they are there, they can’t move.

That is where a lot of horrors come in because the couple is basically trapped in the system. There is a battle within themselves as they decide whether they stay and deal with what they are experiencing within the house walls or leave and give up their refugee status. Giving up their status could mean they will be deported.

Stress is a large factor in this movie, and it adds to the terror, but it also pulls in grief, remorse, and guilt. There are a lot of horrifying images throughout the film.

The two leads, Mosaku and Dirisu, are excellent together. The actors were able to capture the emotions necessary for their backstory, and they were able to get across the terror they see.


His House scored 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is safe to say that it is one of the best movies that Netflix has produced and released.

Justin Chang from Lost Angeles Times wrote. “The script’s cleverest gambit is to blur our sense of what kind of movie we might be watching – a thriller about a haunted house or a portrait of the dehumanization of the refugee experience?”

Some of the sub-story is a bit difficult to follow because we get flashbacks, which makes sense as it fills in the characters’ backstory, and it helps to build the overall narrative. However, there are instances wherein it is difficult to tell if we see visions of reality.

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