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Netflix’s ‘Operation Christmas Drop’ Movie Review



Kat Graham

There are a few categories when it comes to holiday movies: animated, romance, and drama. And we all can agree that Netflix taps into each category every year. Now, the streaming service has released Operation Christmas Drop starring Kat Graham and Alexander Ludwig, leaving some to wonder which category the film goes to.

A congressional aide named Erica (played by Kat Graham) forgoes a family Christmas to visit an island military to find financial reasons to shut it down.

The airbase is located in the South Pacific, and it delivers supplies and gifts to neighboring islands every year, under the guise of a training operation.

When budget cuts threatened to close some bases, Air Force captain Andrew (played by Alexander Ludwig) made it his mission to convince Erica not to discontinue their operation. He shows her around to give her an idea of what they are doing.

This film was a tough watch. While I really liked Graham and Ludwig to some extent, the acting is so stiff. Every movement and every bit of dialogue from the characters feels forced and rigid.

The film’s writing is very awkward, and it does not matter how well the actors try to deliver the lines; it just feels completely unnatural. The jokes are not funny, and they can make you cringe.

As for the timing, it feels off. There is no natural flow to the dialogue, the way they deliver it, or even to the character’s movements.

The film takes place on an airbase, and the director of the movie, Martin Wood, must have been in the Air Force or absolutely loves it because there is an overabundance of imagery of planes and helicopters. It does not serve any purpose in the story other than to reestablish where they are filming completely.

The CGI is also terrible. Budget-wise and plotline-wise, it feels like a Hallmark movie rather than a Netflix Original movie. The writers had created a film with an overly generic story without any dialogue or any good story building.

Thankfully, the soundtrack of Operation Christmas Drop is amazing. You will be able to catch some great holiday music, both old and new, as you watch the film.


Operation Christmas Drop scored 53% on Rotten Tomatoes. Although the acting in this movie is questionable, the charisma between Graham and Ludwig stands out. There are cute moments between the two, but their scenes together are cheesy and forced most of the time.

Kyle Turner from The New York Times wrote, “Everything in Operation Christmas Drop falls predictably into place like children nestled all snug in their beds. Each plot point and character dynamic appears predetermined, and not in a seasonally charming way.”

One thing that this movie has going for it is that it is very family-friendly. Any age could sit around, take this in and not find anything offensive in it. There is also a feel-good quality to this movie; there is a general likability in some parts of this as it is a positive story that tries to have some charm.

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