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‘Power Rangers’ will be back on the big screen; potential cinematic universe



Red Ranger

The “Power Rangers” is about to be re-booted in a big way, after stumbling with a so-so movie relaunch in 2017. The big wigs behind the curtains went back to the drawing board to come up with how to tinker and redevelop the popular franchise. Calling it ambitus is a major understatement.

So what does the future for “Power Rangers” hold and what are we going to see next?

Who are the Power Rangers?

The Power Rangers are a staple in pop culture. Everyone knows them and most of us have fond memories of watching the Power Rangers fight their numerous villains. Most likely, you probably know who and what the Power Rangers are. They are a team of superheroes who wears high-tech and primary-colored suits and they protect Earth from a series of dangerous threats.

It is based on a Japanese franchise and was adapted in the United States in the early 90s, starting with “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” From there, the Power Rangers series usually follows a pattern wherein every new season, a new team is introduced with some type of unique theme making them easier to distinguish.

No matter how many years have passed, it is still a franchise that is strong. Sometime in 2021, the Power Rangers series will release its 28th season, making it the longest-running kid’s live-action series in television history.

Given their popularity in a general premise, one would think there will be more live-action movies surrounding them. Despite the disappointing box office return of the 2017 Power Rangers movie, audiences would still like to see a new one if done right.

The 2017 “Power Rangers” was made to create a whole new set of films, but when the movie underperformed and met with mixed reactions, some changes had to be made. The movie was not downright bad but it was clear it was not sure what tone it wanted.

So after that film attempt didn’t work, some behind-the-scenes shuffling took place. Hasbro had bought the ownership rights to Power Rangers in 2018 with a bold announcement that they wanted to build a Power Rangers brand across their platforms. This does not only include film and TV, but also digital gaming, toys, and clothing.

Changing the tone

After buying the ownership, a new film has already been discussed. At the end of 2019, it was announced that filmmaker Jonathan Entwistle was hired to reboot the Power Rangers once again for the big screen, with a movie that was supposedly going to change up the tone by having it less gritty, young-adult reboot and more fun, 90s type.

The plot was rumored to involve time travel and audiences would see teenagers from today’s time get sent back to the 90s and struggle to find their way home. This is an attempt to fall more in line with the 90s television show. After that intriguing announcement, there has not been a lot of news on the Power Rangers front, until now.

Hasbro has dropped a bombshell and announced that Entwistle is now directing an entire cinematic universe for the Power Rangers, which will include both movies and television shows. This could be on part with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Universe.

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