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Secretary Ross converses about the escalation in the US economy along with the Florida Business Leaders



Rountable held by Secretary Ross
Rountable held by Secretary Ross,Photo by Darren Richardson on Unsplash

On 29 October 2020, US commerce secretary Wilbur Ross celebrated the US’s third-quarter GDP numbers at a conference. The local business leaders of Florida were the invitees of this meeting. Secretary Ross talked her way through the upsurge in consumer demand and resumption of businesses in America.

The business leaders talk.

Secretary Ross discussed real GDP metrics and said, “real GDP rose by a record 33.1 percent in the third quarter.” Since the onset of 2020, this is the largest ever GDP quarter growth recorded.

Increased consumer spending on goods and reopening of manufacturing achieved this high percentage of growth. Another sector that performed remarkably well was consumer durables and residential estate.

Referring to this, she went on saying, “Residential real estate is soaring. Housing starts and new permits are up. And, the demand for durable goods continues to grow month over month.”

Advocating for local businesses, the meeting invitees expressed the need for stimulus packages for the local businesses.

The leaders from industries including retail, real estate, food and beverage, construction, and tourism, talked of the benefits to their businesses if the Administration provided cash-strapped companies with money.

At the meeting with business leaders, Ross also discussed the positive change in household habits.
Advancing further, Ross talked about the high store sales and increased the propensity to save in US households.

Speaking of increased savings and spending, he said, “Americans are spending more in our economy now than they did when President Trump first arrived in office.” He referred to this as reassuring news for businesses and workers in Florida and across America.

Other key highlights of the meet

Besides the GDP growth metrics and stimulus packages, Ross also conversed about the new labor demand changes. Talking through the job market cheer, he praised the Payroll Protection Program and the CARES Act that provided crucial assistance to workers.

On 28 October 2020, NeoGenomics – A premier pharma professional virtually discussed its progress towards Covid-19 testing. It specializes in cancer genetics testing and recently advanced towards critical testing of the coronavirus.

Secretary Ross applauded the new developments by US companies like NeoGenomics and their testing skills, helping humanity.

Apart from this meeting, Secretary Ross also indulged in conversations with the US’s entrepreneurs and local business leaders in the past weeks.

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