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NYPD officer hospitalized after a mob attack in Queens



Police on the streets. Photo by Sean Lee. |

An NYPD officer, whose name was not disclosed, was hospitalized after a mob beat him during his dinner break in Long Island City.

According to the police, the officer had been jogging in civilian clothes when six to nine unidentified men attacked him near 53rd Avenue at 6:30 pm on Friday, November 20.

Emergency responders picked him up at 51st Street and Vernon Boulevard after a good Samaritan called it in.

Reports revealed that the officer was conscious when he was picked up after the attack. However, he sustained injuries to his head, throat, shoulder, and knee.

He was released in a stable condition the next day, and the police said the motive for the attack was unclear.

This attack on the unnamed NYPD officer is not an isolated one. Multiple attacks from a similar group of assaulting people in the area were also reported recently, the police said.

They cited another attack made by a similar group on yet another jogger on Thursday, November 19.

Increasing violent attacks in New York

On Tuesday, 33-year-old Broadway actor Alex Weisman was sucker-punched at the Upper West Side’s Manhattan subway station.

“It wasn’t a mugging; it was an attack for attack’s sake,” Weisman quipped.

He was brought to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he found out that the attack left him with a fractured eye socket and a torn retina.

On Tuesday, a man pushed a 40-year-old Brooklyn-based housekeeper onto the tracks at the Union Station in Manhattan.

Her attacker is now facing charges for attempted murder and reckless endangerment. He is now detained and held without bail.

On Wednesday, 62-year-old Lenford Johnson was assaulted and killed on Nostrand Avenue near Tilden Avenue. One of three men punched him in the face. He hit the concrete and died on the spot.

Authorities announced that they had not made an arrest related to this case, authorities said.

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